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Welcome to the accountability website for one
nektarios ippotis lka charlie knight

Click on the links below to go to those sections of this website that show
what the money I received
came from and how/where the money was spent.

Read Malachi Chapter 3, (Bible)
this page is developed to show those principles
acted out in real life.
Click on the year for the Quarter of the Calendar year to see that accounting page.

First Quarter   (Jan-Feb-Mar)
Second Quarter (Apr-May-Jun)
Third Quarter   (Jul-Aug-Sep)
Fourth Quarter (Oct-Nov-Dec)


This website will be updated starting in January of 2009
I intend to be tithing and want to show what God does.


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then set the printer margins for 1/2 inch when you print the picture.

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 I live in Massachusetts, which = Eastern Time, USA.
Greenwich Mean time is GMT or UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).


The time is here when the government of the United State of America will force one hour to be taken away from it's citizens,
this theft will mean one hour less to grow your own food or repair your house or do much of anything,
To see when this devastating action, that WILL result in the death of many americans (via traffic and other accidents),
will be forced upon the US population, and at what time this evil ends for the years 2007-20015
check the Time Date schedules here

 Canterbury England is the same as Greenwich Mean Time (UTC).
Add one hour for the Patriarchate of Rome.
Add two hours for the Patriarchates of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem.


Atlantic ocean
Canterbury, UK
Jerusalem, IS
Moscow, RU

Time Zone Names
Type a month, day and year and of a specific date.
and we will calculate how many days until then. 

When is that special day?
Month  Day  Year 


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by providing the following information

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Saint of the Day from Ancient Faith Radio


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This is
a page to show
what God has done
how charlie has used
the resources timeintrus


world time zone map

state capitals - usa

ted into his care.